Tales of a restless mind


It is no ordinary story. It is a tale of a highly restless mind and a heartless soul. In fact it has such heartlessness that it appears like a gravy boat full of yucky gravy. Even if you take out the gravy the emptiness of the gravy boat will haunt you forever and you would be forced to drown it in the sink full of soapy water before the grime stuck to it leaves a mark on your skin to be etched forever, screaming- you ate this yucky gravy!!!
But mercifully it also being a tale of a restless mind would easily distract you from the grimy tales to almost absurd and abrupt one. Where the gravy might suddenly turn into a Mango souffle or maybe a Raspberry tart!
It could well be a tale of woes with twinkle toes! So I am now officially rambling! That’s what happens when one has a restless soul! Settling down to a single thought seems such a chore. Sometimes I feel that due to this all my thoughts turn out to be like a half-baked pie. I happen to be thinking about something serious such as a career in an international organisation but fraction of a second later I start wondering whether I can be a Trapeze artist! There is absolutely nothing wrong with being one but anyone who knows me will tell you it’s a veryyyyy bad idea!
Anyways duty calls and Solitary loon is wandering away….


Musings and procrastination

Funny-Vocal-WallpaperHmm. So I thought writing a blog on my daily musings would be easy since I am always thinking about one thing or another, almost forcing my brain into a logjam of thoughts but hey presto! I realized that it isn’t that easy! So after huffing and puffing and fidgeting here and there, I sit to write it once again only to find myself lost in the land thoughts without a letter typed yet! Oh such miseries of having a writer’s block! It seems to have hit me during the most crucial phase of my life. Or maybe it hasn’t. It could just simply be my better half known to many as procrastination! Well, you can’t really ignore procrastination. Can you? Who doesn’t like to wander off a midst the things and thoughts so pleasing that it may make your mundane daily activities more doable? Just a tiny break a midst the hectic schedule during your unemployed life is what makes it worth indulging in! Doesn’t it? Huh, anyways, can’t write anymore! It’s time for my procrastination! Too much white noise in the brain is making the act of writing a fuzzy memory. Am I writing still? What is wrong with me? Have I lost the art of procrastination now too? Gah! I think it is because of too much Yoga that I have been doing! Too much oxygen is making me think clearly and act sanely! My solitary musings are finally returning to me and bursting to be shared with the fellow earthlings! Oh wait! The big tub of ice-cream eaten half an hour ago seems to be pulling me back into the world of procrastination and lunacy. I think my lunatics still have chance to survive this world!

Solitary loon wandering away….