Tales of a restless mind


It is no ordinary story. It is a tale of a highly restless mind and a heartless soul. In fact it has such heartlessness that it appears like a gravy boat full of yucky gravy. Even if you take out the gravy the emptiness of the gravy boat will haunt you forever and you would be forced to drown it in the sink full of soapy water before the grime stuck to it leaves a mark on your skin to be etched forever, screaming- you ate this yucky gravy!!!
But mercifully it also being a tale of a restless mind would easily distract you from the grimy tales to almost absurd and abrupt one. Where the gravy might suddenly turn into a Mango souffle or maybe a Raspberry tart!
It could well be a tale of woes with twinkle toes! So I am now officially rambling! That’s what happens when one has a restless soul! Settling down to a single thought seems such a chore. Sometimes I feel that due to this all my thoughts turn out to be like a half-baked pie. I happen to be thinking about something serious such as a career in an international organisation but fraction of a second later I start wondering whether I can be a Trapeze artist! There is absolutely nothing wrong with being one but anyone who knows me will tell you it’s a veryyyyy bad idea!
Anyways duty calls and Solitary loon is wandering away….


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