Collected Works of a Scatter brain


So July 31st marks a lot of things for many people and has no significance for many others. For some it has significant memories, events that changed their lives and so on…
It did for me too. This particular day evokes many memories, and a certain event that has no personal significance, but marks a special day for my favorite author. However this year it marked another milestone in my life, which I had never honestly thought that I would have to confront because of its peculiarities and not so happy vibes. This July 31st marks a one whole month of me being unemployed! Though I was staggering a bit in the first part of the month but the last two weeks have been spent like a truly professional unemployed person.
So following are the activities that I have indulged in this month-
• Going to bed early and waking up early.
• Marking the calendar with a cross each day to remind myself of the lack of Job.
• Listening to hard rock at 7 in the morning and cursing half the world.
• Getting in the better mood and apply to new job opportunities spotted
• Reading books and goof around.
• Getting in the irritable, cranky mode and check mails for possible interview calls by evening (which never came).
• Feeling dejected and perk up a second later and carry on with my lunacy.(seems like the most sane thing to do in these DARK TIMES)
• Hiding from half the world and pretend to be a spy on an interesting and dangerous mission.
• Making lists of things to do and setting new goals to achieve new goals.
• In short making too many goals.
• Making sure that not a day goes by without a show of my antics.(so as to not lose touch with my amazing loony soul)
• Eating amazing home cooked meals and putting on weight. In fact, reaching the pinnacle of highest ever weight gain in my life!
• Working out and doing Yoga to lose all the gained weight and pump my body with enough oxygen.( Dark times may get over easily, but dark circles won’t)
• Not trying to make a big deal out of my situation and placing myself in the shoes of the parasites. (I wonder if they even wear shoes. Nevertheless trying to place myself in their place and shamelessly spend my Parents’ money).
• Going on a Shopping spree, coloring my hair blue and going for a make-over (with previous point implied here too).
• Making sure to visit the beach every weekend and make sand castles (a change from making castles in the air on weekdays).
• Enjoying rain and the splattering sound it makes when falling on my window pane.
• Thinking seriously on becoming a serious thinker.
• Shoving the serious thinker-thought away and watching re-runs of the various sitcoms
That was all that I did in July hopefully would have much more interesting things to do this month and possibly find myself a suitable and rewarding job!
Solitary loon wandering away….


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