To new wanderings..

Here we are! It is 2015! A new year, a new beginning, new promises, fresh start!
Oh wait! Try telling that to your boss. Yeah right. That file is still pending. No matter how boring and tedious it may seem, unless you get it done, there will not be any cookies for you! New Year and all that jazz will certainly have to wait. Having been said that, all that Christmas fuzz still lingers ….
It is no mean task being a Solitary loon. But being a Solitary loon with a new found job has its perks and also bouts of lunacies. But it isn’t anything that this loon cannot handle. After all I have perfected my lunacies with realities of this world!
So, I have decided that I shall be decisive from now on. And will take firm decisions which will be based on deciding factors. Now that it has been decided, I am off to enjoy last few days of holidays.
Solitary loon wandering away…


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